Festival Week

Festival Week


Festival Week records go back to 1960 with Pairs and Fours being contested. Singles results reach back to 1964 whilst Triples appear to have been introduced in 1971. Following the introduction of the Triples Format, the Pairs and Triples were played on alternate years until the mid 1980's. Since then all four disciplines have been contested.

Clubs are now invited to submit a maximum of one entry per discipline with no player being permitted to play in more than one.

A maximum of one substitute may be used in the Pairs, Triples and Fours.

For many years the Week was sponsored by Welsh Brewers and the final night was held at the Havelock Park Bowling Green. Currently the finals are held on a green decided by the organiser.

See the Linked Page for the 2022 Draw

A list of previous winners is available on the League 'History Pages'